Welcome to The Australian Amphibian and Reptile Genomics Initiative website!

The initiative was launched in April 2020 (see Media Release). The Australian Amphibian and Reptile Genomics consortium is an international collaboration to develop genomic resources for Australia’s reptile and amphibian species, tackling wildlife genomics at a continental scale. The consortium involves researchers from more than 30 institutions, including universities, museums, and government agencies.

The consortium objectives are to:

  • Build a foundation of genomic data to advance our understanding and conservation of Australia’s unique reptiles and amphibians
  • Accelerate fundamental research of reptile and amphibian genomics in areas that Australia is uniquely placed to make its mark on the world stage
  • Complement fundamental research with genomics to meet critical needs of conservation management and our unique reptile and amphibian biodiversity, as identified by society, government and industry
  • Build a community across Australian museums, Universities and other research providers, and government agencies to sustain the initiative beyond the life of the Bioplatforms investment
  • Increase awareness of the public and conservation managers of the diversity of Australian mammals and how genomics can aid in their conservation and management.

The consortium activities (reference genomes, phylogenomics, conservation and taxonomy genomics) will be detailed here.

If you would like to know more or get involved, please contact the Project Manager: Dr Sophie Mazard (smazard@bioplatforms.com)