Shingleback lizard genome

The shingle back skink, Tiliqua rugosa, is one of the largest and more abundant Australian skink.

Tiliqua rugosa, photo Stephen Mahony WA, source Australian Museum

Tiliqua rugosa represents the subfamily Egerniinae of the Scincidae, which includes a range of skinks of particular interest due to their endangered status, or unique features of their biology (viviparity, sociality, sex determination). The sister species Tiliqua adelaidensis (pygmy bluetongue) which is an endangered species will benefit from a well assembled, annotated T. rugosa genome and assist the conservation efforts supported by a recent ARC Linkage led by Gardner and Bertozzi.

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  • Norval, G. and Gardner, M.G. (2020), The natural history of the sleepy lizard, Tiliqua rugosa (Gray, 1825) – Insight from chance observations and long‐term research on a common Australian skink species. Austral Ecology, 45: 410-417. doi:10.1111/aec.12715