Southern ornate nursery frog genome

The southern ornate nursery frog, Cophixalus australis, is a species of small rainforest frog that is endemic to Australia.

Southern ornate nursery frog, Cophixalus australis. Source: C. Hoskin

Frogs of the family Microhylidae represent about 10% for the world’s frog diversity, with over 600 described species classified in 13 subfamilies and over 50 genera. Despite the high level of taxonomic diversity, no genome currently exists to support research on Microhylid frogs. Cophixalus frogs are now one of the most threatened Australian vertebrate groups, with 5 species listed as Critically Endangered on the EPBC list due to small range sizes and projected climate change impacts, and other species listed at other levels. Additionally, tens of species will turn out to be threatened by climate change impacts on New Guinean mountains as more information accumulates. Research is urgently required on the Australian species (and, in future, New Guinean species) to understand thermal tolerances, population variation in genetics and various key traits associated with their upland ecology, and the potential for rapid adaptation.

Project coordinator:

  • Conrad Hoskin (JCU)

Project collaborators:

  • Sangeet Lamichaney (Kent State University, USA)
  • Megan Higgie (JCU)
  • Lorenzo Bertola (JCU)

References cited:

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