Squamates phylogenomics

This project is using exon capture sequencing to generate high quality sequence data from all lizards and snakes native to the Australo-Papuan region.

Burton’s Snake-lizard, Lialis burtonis. Photographer: Ian R McCann; source: Museums Victoria; copyright Museums Victoria / CC BY 4.0

Target groups and research lead

  • Blind snakes (Typhlopidae) – Putter Tiatragul, Ian Brennan and Scott Keogh
  • Carphodactylids and Pygopodids – Ian Brennan and Scott Keogh
  • Geckos (Diplodactylids) – Mitzy Pepper, Ian Brennan and Scott Keogh
  • Venomous snakes (Elapids) and Sea snakes – Damien Esquerre and Scott Keogh
  • Australasian Geckos (Gekkonids) – Craig Moritz
  • Eugongyline skinks – Craig Moritz
  • Agamid lizards – Joanna Sumner and Jane Melville
  • Sphenomorphine skinks – Janne Torrkola and Paul Oliver

Publications arising from this project

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