Ornate burrowing frog genome

The ornate burrowing frog, Platyplectrum ornatum, is a species of relatively small ground frog native to Australia and can be found in the northern and eastern sections of the continent.

Platyplectrum ornatum, Photo: B.Maryan; source: Western Australian Museum

The monophyletic frog genera Platyplectrum and Lechriodus, comprising 5 lineages, share a number of characteristics that differentiate them from other Australian frogs. This group have a set of unique biological characteristics including highly plastic development times, rapid time to metamorphosis, and preferential carnivory in tadpoles. The two lineages have some of the smallest genomes in the tetrapods (1.06 and 1.38 GB). These characteristics have allowed them to diversify across a wide array of ecological conditions – different lineages occupy virtually all major biomes in Australia.
The reference genome of Platyplectrum, along with Lechriodus, will allow to address technical difficulties encountered with amphibian genomics as well as support a range of research such as the investigation into the evolutionary constraints on genome miniaturisation in amphibians.

Project coordinator:

  • Renee Catullo (University of Western Australia)

Project collaborators:

  • Sangeet Lamichaney (Kent State University)
  • Scott Edwards (Harvard University)

References cited:

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