Fletcher’s frog genome

The Fletcher’s frog (Lechriodus fletcheri), is found in eastern Queensland and New South Wales. Widespread and abundant in suitable areas, the clearing of wet sclerophyll forest and rainforest significantly reduced the habitat of the species and much of its remaining habitat has been logged. Logging of wet sclerophyll forest continues to be a threat. It is considered rare in Queensland because of its restricted distribution.

Lechriodus fletcheri, Photo: Robert WG Jenkins, Source: Australian Museum

The genome of Fletcher’s frog is small and, along with Platyplectrum, the generation of a reference genome will allow to address technical difficulties encountered with amphibian genomics as well as support a range of research such as the investigation into the evolutionary constraints on genome miniaturisation in amphibians.

Project coordinator:

  • Renee Catullo (University of Western Australia)

Project collaborators:

  • Sangeet Lamichaney (Kent State University) 
  • Scott Edwards (Harvard University)

References cited:

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